My name is Janie.

I am an author and illustrator based in Los Angeles.

My art is about that strange feeling you get when you look up at the moon and think, “Fuck… Neanderthals looked at that too…”

I’m very serious about what I do, which is to make the dumbest shit I can while I’m on this earth. I believe that art is most powerful when it’s personal and perhaps funny, so I don’t hold back. I’m here to make you laugh and maybe do a little cry, and hopefully you feel a little less alone after spending time with my stupid art.

Away from my studio, I work in the entertainment industry creating ad campaigns for movies and TV.

Art aside, I love science fiction, Brazilian jiu jitsu, yoga, the wild places on earth, music of all rhythms n bops, and whatever weird, niche hobby you’re into (I LOVE weird, niche hobbies). 

If you have any questions or would like to just reach out and say hi, please e-mail me: and I will be very excited to talk.

You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

– janie

P.S. I no longer accept personal commissions, sorry! At this time, I am only open to commercial or publishing opportunities.
Thank you for understanding!