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My name is Janie.

I’m a cartoonist and illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA.

I work as an illustrator, and I write and illustrate my own books along with other projects that are a good fit for me. I also publish a regular webcomic, Adventures of Anxiety and Mouse as a passion project.

My work is created with watercolor and pen and ink, with the occasional colored pencil making an appearance. My favorite is to use bright, happy colors with intricate, organic ink lines.

I find inspiration in nature and people watching, and I like my work to strike an awkward balance of gallows humor and bright colors. My work explores emotional intelligence, neurodivergence, and interpersonal connection through lighthearted drawings and comics. I firmly believe that art doesn’t have to be “serious” to be impactful, and I feel that I’ve done my job when people react to my art with a surprised laugh.

When I’m not painting, I am usually tending to my online store, playing video games, reading sci-fi (I’m always taking recommendations for new sci-fi to check out!), watching birds, or hanging out with my cat Bug. I also exercise like a lunatic and do a lot of yoga and jiu jitsu! Anything that helps me get stronger, more flexible, and turns off my constant brain-chatter makes me happy.

Welcome to my world!

Please look around and if you have any questions, don’t be shy about reaching out!

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p.s. I am seeking representation if you are interested! I would like to find an agent who “gets” what I’m about and what I create.